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College Savings Plans

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Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed when you think about preparing and paying for college?

At Gmac Family Financial, we provide a comprehensive College Planning solution for parents and students who seek a well-developed plan to search for the right college that fits the student’s needs, and with resources to guide them in the admissions process. In other words, we take great pleasure in assisting college-bound students and their families with the often-times overwhelming task of preparing and paying for college.

We understand that funding education is no small task. Most families struggle with an affordable solution to getting a college degree. Unfortunately, too many families are given incorrect or incomplete information, or they do not have the time or experience to find out what tuition assistance measures are available. Yet, educational financial planning can lead to huge savings on college expenses.

With tuition costs today, College Planning is a necessity, not a luxury. Families want the peace of mind that comes from dealing with an individual who is truly concerned about the student and their educational goals, and who is knowledgeable about the inner-workings of the overall College Planning process.

Monica Kizziar, who is our Certified CPR—College Planning Relief® Consultant, provides parents and students with the resources for an in-depth education on financial aid formulas and in developing college funding plans using cash flow strategies, tax strategies, budgeting restrictions, and through efficient assessment of available resources.

We find that many parents ask the question, “Can I really implement strategies for success in paying for my student’s college and deal with the preparations of retirement?” Well, the answer is “Yes.” You can do both!

We help parents develop a life-long income stream so they are not only prepared for retirement, but also are prepared for the college years of their children. We are proud to help make this, many times overwhelming, process of developing financial solutions achievable to allow parents to achieve their financial objectives, while minimizing market risk exposure with honesty, integrity and professionalism.

Our services include:


ACT/SAT Test Prep Program


Career Exploration


Detailed Scholarship Search Tools


Financial Advice and Planning


Financial Aid Guides


Industry-leaning Career Matchmaker Assessment


Interactive College Maps for all 4-Year and 2-Year Colleges


Month-by-Month Detailed Plan for Every Year of High School


Student College Portfolio Development


Student Financial Literacy Program

We believe that it is important for students to take ownership of their own college search and admission journey, and in doing so, grow in their understanding of their own needs and goals.

We provide resources that serve as the guide on this journey, defining the tasks and deadlines that are part of the college search and application process.

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